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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kids + Sewing + Photography = Exhausted!

The past week I have felt over ran and stretched thin. Not sure why I just feel like I have all these balls in the air and they keep landing on my head. So I decided to take a brake and lock myself away in my sewing room for the weekend.

When I emerged from my room I had these wonderful dresses that I am so tickled with! I feel myself lighter, less stressed and once again my mind is clear. All these ideas are flowing through my brain and I think I have found my sewing mojo again, yay!

And if it couldn't get better I had deliveries! My first backdrop, a speed flash and more! It's like Christmas again. M and I had fun using the backdrop for pictures of the dresses I made.

So here I am rejuvenated again and feeling wonderful, busy, but wonderful. Keep you eyes peeled for the three above dresses...they will be listed for sale soon in my shop Sew Fierce Boutique


deb duty said...

I'm so impressed with your sewing and you have such cute models!

Anonymous said...

How awesome. Sweet photos.

Candy Girl said...

Lovely frocks!

Nancy C said...

If I had such sweet models as you do, I'd likely be sewing too!

Congrats on your new photo goodies. Sounds fun. :)

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

the new dresses are gorgeous, as are the pictures! hope you're feeling rejuvenated after your weekend of sewing! =)

momto8 said...


Kim of Mo Betta said...

gorgeous! (models and the dresses!)

Veronica Lee said...

Love them, Steph!

I pinned this!

Lisa B. said...

Adorable models, and the dresses are so cute.

I passed a blog award onto you.

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous dresses
...and gorgeous girls.
How lucky you can be so productive
as a stress-reducer.


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