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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy Breakfast Chibatta {recipe}

I have always loved breakfast egg sami's for as long as I can remember. Hot eggs whether scrambled with melted cheese or fried in bacon grease in between crispy toasted bread with a mayo spread...delish! The other day I bought a Chibatta loaf. I have never seen it baked into a full loaf size so I bought it thinking of all the possibilities I could do with it.

The other morning after taking C to school it was time for mama's breakfast and coffee. While rummaging through my fridge it hit me and I was so excited. I grabbed the Chibatta, sliced a nice size piece off the loaf, halved it and threw it in the toaster. 

My Easy Cheesy Eggs:

Spray small pan with cooking spray, turn pan on Med-High heat. When hot add your desired amount of Egg Beaters to pan, season with Black Pepper, Garlic Salt and Red Pepper Flakes. Fold eggs or "scramble" until light and fluffy. When eggs are cooked turn stove to simmer, top with shredded cheese (I used pre shredded Mexican cheese), cover pan with lid or paper plate. I like to use the paper plate because then I do not get all the condensation dripping off into my food.

On a separate plate place a few pieces of precooked bacon and heat in microwave. Take your toasted warm Chibatta and spread some mayo (optional), layer the cheesy eggs and top with bacon...done!!!

Yummy Options- Top with:

* Caramelized Red Onions
* Sauted Mushrooms
* Sauted Red Bell Peppers
* Thin sliced Ripe Tomatoes

Use fancy cheese - Smoked Gouda, Smoked Mozzarella, Butterkase, Brie, ect..


One with many names said...

Mmmm, I'm so hungry right now, that looks delicious!

Thank you for sharing, oh wait, no thank you, cause now you've made me hungry!!! :)

Take care

Anonymous said...

oh yum!

going to make the Jimmy Dean Sausage mix I have in the freezer.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

After reading this I am definitely going to make myself an egg sandwich for breakfast!

Veronica Lee said...

Yummy, Steph!!


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