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Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Butter Chicken Over Rice with Roti

No Butter Chicken over Rice with a Roti on the side.

Mixture that is inside the Roti.
Cauliflower, fresh ginger, cilantro, and coriander.

Thursday night was another culinary triumph in my house. As usual browsing around the Cooking Channel I found an episode of the Spice Goddess with  Bal Arneson. With a title like that you know the flavors have to be amazing. I became very interested in trying her recipe for No Butter Chicken and Roti. The chicken dish I was totally down for, no problem...but the Roti..umm I have never made bread before by hand let alone tortillas. There is a first time for everything right!

I do not own a rolling pin nor have I ever had to flour a board but I made my Roti mixture, dough and then went for it. P.S. my rolling pin came courtesy C. I used her little 8 inch (handle to handle) wooden rolling pin from her kitchen set...LOL It was quite a sight to see but it work fabulously! My Roti's did not turn out nice and round like Bal's, they looked more like Naan but I did it!

I made a few changes to both recipes. For the chicken I used 1tsp ground Cumin, 1/4 tsp Tumeric (this is why my chicken does not look as yellow as her's) and instead of low fat yogurt I used plain Greek Yogurt. For the Roti mixture I replaced the minced Green Chile with 1tsp of Red Pepper Flakes and using my mortar and pestle I ground Coriander seeds. I also used Yellow Cauliflower for extra pop of color. To the Roti dough I added 1/4c ground Flax Seeds.

The chicken was a big hit with everyone, the flavors and smell from that dish is unbelievable. The sweetness of the brown sugar marry's well so with the Garam Masala spices up front and then you get a little kick of heat on the back end. The Roti on the other hand...not so much. I should  have had a lighter hand with the fresh Ginger since I really never use it. The girls and hubby are not used to the flavor so it was overwhelming and "spicy" to them. All in all we had a wonderful dinner, I learned some new techniques, used spices that are new to me and my family has become more interested in trying new things. Success!


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