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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flowers And The Ocean Bentos

C's Lunch
PB&J mini sami's, sticky rice with cheesy flowers,
grape tomatoes and strawberries.

C has informed me (again she says) that I make too much for her lunches and she only want 2 or 3 things with her sami's. So I told her she can start putting in her "order" with me and I will make what she wants....no more no less. So this is what she came up with for today. She is still hitting all her food groups so i'm good with that.

M's Lunch
Sticky rice with cheese flowers, hot dogs and fuji apples.

Daddy Lunch

It's the same lunch as yesterday. Hubby came home and said it was so good that we wanted it again (and probably for the rest of the week). So to make it "look" different I will be changing the theme/design. Today he has a marine/ocean theme. I got a kick out of it and he thought it was pretty awesome too.

Mommy Lunch

Mommy gets leftovers today packed in my Easy Lunch Boxes container. BBQ pork spare ribs, heart carrots, "crunchy broccoli" for the deli at Whole foods and grapes.


Anonymous said...

This is so darn cute....love everyones lunch!!

House Of Aqua said...

Your bento lunches always make my mouth water and here I am eating a caramel apple! Your lunch is always healthy and it inspires me!

Lia Chen said...

I am scrolling up and down to see all your cute and beautiful bento. Your kids and hubby are lucky to have you :)

Happy Little Bento said...

Delish -- everyone's! You are so good at keeping everyone happy; a wonderful mom!

Susan Yuen said...

Super cute assortment of bentos! :)


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