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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Goose, Little Goose Bento

"It's time for bed, little goose, little goose,
The stars are out and on the loose."

(Quote from Time for bed by Mem Fox)

I forgot C is getting hot lunch delivered to her today and tomorrow at school. P.S... Ki's School Lunches in San Diego North County is amazing.They deliver the tastiest fresh, organic cold & hot lunchs to kids in C's school, she loves it. So because she is getting hot lunches, M is borrowing her bento box. In keeping with our theme we started yesterday, the book is  Time For Bed by Mem Fox, today's page is little "goose, little goose".

Rear box: grapes, bird container with Cool Whip and apple stars
Forward box: Star PB&J's, scrambled eggs with sauteed red onions and spices topped with a baby goose  made of cheese. Not sure exactly what a goose chick looks like, but I imagine it could look like this right?

Shout out to Bento For Kidlet and her tutorial on how to make cheese creatures. She does awesome/amazing graphics with the cheese slices and I think gives the extra little technique I need to make better boxes. So thanks Jenn!


Veronica Lee said...

Ooooo I love it!!

Happy Thursday, Stephanie.


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