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Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Blog Hop Fun

Did everyone have fun during the UBP2010? I know I did. Met wonderful peeps and found more awesome blogs to follow. Then I found out last night I have won a prize..wahoo!!! What did I win (my girls are going to flip)?

A kit of 12 gourmet mini-cupcakes, unfrosted, with an assortment of frosting's and decorations from Baking Magic For Kids. "Dedicated to organizing events for small non profits that support critically ill children and their family."

How cool is that?

So Ang over at MommyPR (love her and not just because she buys my clothing) is keeping the blog hop fun going. The MckLinky for this is pretty cool. instead of entering your blog name, you link up your button, so awesome. So join the fun, enter your blog and keep the fun going!



Veronica Lee said...

Congrats on the win!!

I'm joining in the fun!!

***Sharon*** said...

Congratulations on the win! I checked my email and guess what? I won a million dollars...a couple of times! Somebody in Africa wants to GIFT me the money! I just need to send them all my personal information so I can receive payment! Isn't that COOL (ridiculous) or WHAT?!? lol


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