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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trendy Brandy Kids Boutique Review

Trendy Brandy Kids is a hip and fashion forward online boutique which sells boys and girls clothing from all over Europe including France, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands. Such great well known brands as Jottum, Me Too, Marese, Tatrini, Catmini, Jean Bourget, and Ikks are sold from their boutique. Children's fashion is the main focus of Trendy Brandy Kids and they believe as I do that parents want to dress there kids in beautiful clothing. All clothing is made of great fabrics that wears well, is comfortable, stylish and manufactured to meet the requirements of safety and convenience.

Not only can you find amazing colorful clothing from Trendy Brandy Boutique, but accessories to include necklaces, bracelets, belts, headbands, hats and shoes.

Some of my most favorite clothing listed right now
on Trendy Brandy Boutique is:

Marese Sugar Pink Summer Dress

Jottum Tuffy Double Layered Floral Skirt

Me Too Paula Spring Jacket w/ Removable Hood

Catimini Labo Summer Top

Sale, Sale, Sale!!

Go to their "On Sale Now" page, browse all the designers and snag great mark downs on the Fall 2008 and Summer 2009 collections.

Also right now Trendy Brandy Boutique is offering 10% off any order of $100, Free shipping in the US for orders over $200 and Free World Wide shipping for orders over $250.

For all you blog lovers Trendy Brandy Boutique has a blog and right now is running 2 GIVEAWAYS with the following blogs:

The Mom Buzz is hosting a Giveaway to Win 2 Tatrini products from Trendy Brandy Boutique. Giveaway Ends June 26th!

Jolly Mom is hosting a Giveaway to Win (1) Me Too T-Shirt and (1) Tatrini Pacifier Clip from Trendy Brandy Boutique. Giveaway ends July 5th!

If you are looking for beautiful European clothing for your trend setter stop buy Trendy Brandy Boutique today.



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