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***NOTICE: Please bare with me while I reload ALL the images that was deleted in a Blogger/Google+ fiasco. All images from the past 3 years have been deleted and it will take me awhile to reload everything and get my blog back to it's original state. Thank you for your patience! ***


Products- We are a very PR friendly blog. All pitches are welcomed. I love to write reviews and host giveaways and I do not charge a fee.

A small sampling of what you would like reviewed is required so I can provide an accurate and honest review of your product. In the review I will link several times to you, your product and any others products, sites or keywords you would like. Images, icons or buttons are also key in posting my review and those can be emailed to me. If you do not have any available to email, I can take what I need from your website.  Once the post has gone live you will receive and email from me. My normal turn around time is 1-2 weeks. Reviews are done based on the "first come first served" rule.

So if you need someone to help promote your product, website or attend a local event please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and I look forward to working with you!

Link Exchange-  If you would like to swap buttons or links please contact me.

Stephanie - s.darmock(at)gmail(dot)com

I am the only representative of this blog. There is no one else, no employees and no other email account associated with A Pocket Full Of Buttons. If you are ever contacted by someone else requesting products to review and claiming to represent this blog it is a SCAM. Please contact me immediately and forward the SCAM pitch to me so I may alert the authorities and pursue criminal charges. Thank you!



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